Sorted! is a course that educates men towards changing the way they see themselves and how they relate to others.

Kicking off on Friday 17th August, this course will assist men to be more “Sorted!” in themselves, have healthier families and build stronger local communities.

Sorted! includes topics that most men never talk about but really should. Such as:

• Understanding your emotions
• Anger management
• Healthy communication
• Healthy relationships
• Self compassion
• Abusive relationships
• Guilt and shame
• Fatherhood
• Values
• Addictions
• Gambling and legal help

Ask our Chaplain to see if you qualify for a Work and Development Order as attending Sorted! may also help you reduce your SDRO dept (fines).

Course starts: 17th August 2018
Time: Fridays 10am – 12.30pm
Location: Eagle Vale Anglican Church
Contact: Steve 0422 912 466

Download the PDF flyer here