Steve Thurgar – Lead Pastor

Steve is married to Elyssa and has three energetic daughters. Steve has been at Eagle Vale Anglican Church since 2013. After finishing school, he worked in various warehousing and sports related jobs. He completed a degree in Sports and Exercise Science in 2001. Steve then spent approximately 15 years working as an Exercise Physiologist in the Workers’ Compensation Industry. Steve enjoys keeping fit, karate and watching movies (particularly superhero and Star Wars movies!).

Steve came to believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour when he was in his early twenties and loves teaching people about the love and power of the Lord Jesus to change lives. Steve’s desire to teach people about the Lord Jesus has seen him attend Moore Theological College and has completed a Bachelor of Theology. Steve is employed by Eagle Vale Anglican Church as Lead Pastor and wants the name of Christ proclaimed in the parish of Eagle Vale.